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One of our flagship products within the ProBikeParking family is our Pro2Tier+ product. It's a 5-star product both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Thanks to its ergonomic design and the position of the gas spring used, it provides great convenience to the user. So much so that, when we're tired, we don't need to exert extra force to park our bikes.

The position of the lock connection is in the most resistant position against forcible entry, providing ease of locking for the user and difficulty against malicious intent. With a wide range of standards in dimensions and measurements, it provides ease of use in any desired space for the user. When we say this product is easy to use, we're not kidding.

It's extremely user-friendly within its dual functionality. The special gas spring has a force of 1200N, which is the most comfortable force that human strength can grasp. We proudly say that this product, with its simple assembly, has no shortcomings, and we hope you enjoy it to the fullest.

· 1200N upper tier piston support

· 375mm standard intervals

· Can be mounted securely to any fixed surface

· Hot-dip galvanized coating

· Independent units from each other