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Pro2Tier product is the first product of the ProBikeParking family. Naturally, it has undergone the most changes and has reached perfection for the user.

Pro2Tier is the best parking space for your bike that can be found in social areas, around your surroundings, or anywhere you desire. It's a product with a lower tier for our young friends and an upper tier for our bold friends. With independent access to the lower tier and smooth parking process, thanks to its agile maneuverability, we can easily place our bikes on the unit that can descend up to 10 cm from the ground.

With its ideal design, easy assembly, and comfortable usability, Pro2Tier has earned top marks from users as an excellent product.

· 375mm standard intervals

· Can be mounted securely to any fixed surface

· Hot-dip galvanized coating

· Independent units from each other